If you are visiting Mazatlan on a cruise ship like Carnival Cruise Ellation, Pacific Princess or any
other cruise line, you should really take advantege of the time you have available. Usually you disembark around 9am and have to board around 5pm. So you would have about 8 hours to enjoy Mazatlan anbd/or surroundings areas, be wisely. ! Save time and money, book early, avoid high prices and scam!

We provide several tours suitable for cruise visitors in Mazatlan. You are picked up at the dock at 9:30 a.m. and return back before the boarding time that same evening.

Pacific Princess


All our tours are escorted and in english. You can chose the 3 1/2 hour city tour that takes you to the most well known places in Mazatlan. Or you may like to take the Tequila Tour to visit "La Vinata" the only Tequila Distillery in the state of Sinaloa. At this Old Fashion Distillery you can taste this local unique Tequila. Near "La Vinata" is La Noria, a small town full of history as well. Also available is a tour to Copala, founded in 1565 thanks to its mineral rich lands. Its cobblestone roads, colonial style homes, flower patios, and provincial air has converted this old mining town into a refreshing resort in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

A popular getaway from Mazatlán city life, the isolated beaches of Stone Island are just a short trip from the mainland. Located to the south, across the water from the ferry harbor, Stone Island can be accessed by land or sea.

Elation Cruise

Mazatlan Lighthouse

There is much more to Mazatlan than just souvenir shopping in the Golden Zone. The city is full of antique architecture from the XIX century at the Historical Center, including a fort that fought against the French in 1865. Also there is the "The Angela Peralta Theater" built in 1863 that has been restored to it's original condition. Located near Mazatlan are small towns rich in history. That is were the authentic Mexico and the mexican people can be found!

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