Mazatlan Taxis and Pulmonias

     Taxis are a fast and inexpensive way to get around Mazatlan. They are plentiful, can be hailed from any main street, and there are no meters in the cabs. Haggling on the price is necessary, and you should never get in a cab without agreeing on the price. If the driver won't reduce his price, simply wait for another cab. One will usually pass within 10 seconds. There are 3 different types that cruise the streets. Descriptions of each type are included below.

     Generally, prices are higher at night and during Carnaval and Semana Santa (Holy Week). Knowing how to negotiate in Spanish can help you get a better price, since most drivers think tourists don't know any better and so will charge extra. Trips from the Zona Dorada to El Centro should cost around 35 pesos, and trips within the Zona Dorada will usually run about 30 pesos. If you're heading to the airport, try to pay as low as 200 pesos if your lucky, but you'll probably end up paying around 250.

pulmonia.gif (1835 bytes)

     The good ol´ pulmonia looks like a souped-up golf cart. Hundreds of these roam the streets. They can be a bit more expensive than the Eco-taxis, but they're a lot more common and give an entertaining ride. Be careful at night, as the word pulmonia comes from the Spanish word for 'pneumonia'. Your taxi home can become a very cold ride after sunset. A pulmonia cannot carry more than 4 passengers, though drivers will sometimes squeeze in one extra.

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  Eco-taxis look like normal cabs and are better suited for getting to the airport, or driving at night. For some unknown reason, these are usually cheaper than pulmonias. Eco-taxis are the only kind of cab that you can have dispatched (phone 9-86-11-11). These cars can also carry up to 4 passengers.



  If you're travelling in large groups, this is the only way to get around the city. Affectionately referred to as 'cattle carts', camions are red pickup trucks with a tarp roof and two rows of benches in the back. These vehicles can carry up to 8-9 people (8 in back, 1 in front, possibly more if you all squeeze), and will usually charge as much as an eco-taxi would. Remember that it can get pretty breezy up back, and to hold on tight.


The trusted camion can almost always get you where you want to go, at any time of day. There is no set bus schedule, but these buses run frequently, from about 5.30am until 9.30pm at night. For more information, see the Local public bus travel section.