Mazatlan Public Buses

(Call Alianza 9-84-67-09 or 9-82-22-87 for more information.)

     The 380 buses operated within the city of Mazatlan are each owned by respective drivers and driven along routes established by the Alianza, a union that regulates bus operations in the city. On April 2001, thirty new buses were added to Mazatlan's public transit system. These new buses are green in colour and they all run through the Golden Zone's Ave, which is the main coastal road - Camaron Sabalo - to cater tourism. The driver will not charge you anymore than $7.50 regardles of your destination and time of day. General hours of bus operation are between 5:00 am and 10:30 pm.  If you are taking the "old" buses before 9pm within the city limits and not out to the colonias, the driver shouldn't charge you more than $ 3.90 pesos. If your final destination is out on the highway or it's past 9pm, it'll cost you $4.40 pesos.  A separate fare must be paid on each connecting bus.

     To catch the bus, hail it by pointing with your index finger striaght out towards the road. Major stops have been constructed with shelters with seating, and buses will nearly always stop at these ´paradas de camiones´ (bus stops). Other bus stops are less obvious, and you often have to look out for other people waiting along the road to find these "unmarked" bus stops. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to wait at the bus stop to catch a bus. If there's room on the road for the bus to pull over, the bus should stop. Simply flag down a bus anywhere along the route, but keep in mind that not all bus drivers are this liberal, and it pays to play it safe by waiting where other people are. By observing when you are riding, and by noting the destinations written on the buses for each route, you will find that a direct service is available from your area to basically any point in the city. 

If you're traveling along Av. Camaron Sabalo, and no further than Valentino's in the south, simply take any bus that goes past. If you're heading elsewhere, you'll actually have to pay attention to which bus it is. Many buses will print big destinations on their front windows, such as the centre (el centro), the grand plaza, and supermarkets - Walmart, Gigante, Ley, and Soriana. Remember, it is often very hard to read the signs and writing on the old buses, so it is suggested to stand in a clear area, where you can see the bus easily. Buses can zoom up the main roads, so be careful not to stand to close.

Tip: if you can´t find a stop button (which many buses are lacking), simply yell ´bajan´(ba-han). Don´t be shy, the locals do this all the time, and it seems the bus drivers even prefer it.

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