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Stone Island Tour Mazatlan - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?
Simply fill out the reservation form and you will be directed to the payment section. An e-voucher will be sent to your e-mail account. Please print it out and bring it with you.
What if I misplace the e-voucher?

You will need to present a photo ID to the driver upon pick up.
Is this tour suitable for families?
Absolutely, this is one of the most popular tours for families. Kids love the beach activities.
What time am I going to be picked up?
Anywhere between 9:00 to 9:30 am. at the lobby of your hotel and the cruise ship dock.
What is the cruise ship arrives delayed?
No problem, we'll wait until the last cruise ship arrives and passengers disembark
Can I return earlier to Mazatlan ?
You may return at any time you want. Just let the tour guides know and they will arrange your transportation back at no extra cost.
What if I want to go directly to the island and not take the catamaran?
Let us know in advance when you make your reservation. We will put you on a small boat directly to the island.
Do I need to pre-book my beach activities?
No. You will receive 2 coupons at the island for the activities of your choice. Coupons are transferable to anybody in your party.
What if it is raining?
The rainy season is from mid July to mid October, and normally rains at night. In 6 years we have only cancelled a few tours due to weather conditions.
Can my 5 years old take the activities?
Yes, but only if accompanied by one of their parents. Some activities might be to intense for small kids (like Banana ride). Parents are responsible for their kid, at all times, when taking activities.
Can I have vegetarian or special meal?
Yes. We only serve fresh food and it is prepared when you arrive. We are flexible with the ingredients and preparation. For kids under 3, we suggest parents to bring a meal for their childrensince kids are not use to this food.
Is there shade available?
Yes, there is a huge Palapa (made of dry palm leaves) where the restaurant is.Also there is an area with hammocks and chairs where you can relax, read or just enjoy watching the ocean.
Is it going to be very crowded?
Sunday is the day that people from Mazatlan come, and can be crowded, the rest of the week is calm. Also, you can walk to the palm tree groves where is quiet, isolated and safe.
Can you make it cheaper?
Our rates are very competitive and reasonable for the service we are providing. We wouldn't cut any corner to make it cheaper. Would you risk getting diarrhea just to save couple bucks?. We offer special rates for groups and families of six person or more.
Who are you?
We are residents of Stone Island . Our family opened a restaurant, Puesta de Sol, on the Island in 1995. In 1999, we operated our fist catamaran tour and offered various beach activities for our guests. In May 2005, we inaugurated the biggest Catamaran in Mazatlan . The catamaran is brand new and fully complies with international standard s for safety and security.
Why book with you?
Our best asset is our customer's satisfaction. We want recurrent customers and the best advertising we have is the word of mouth. We have achieved to have the safest, newest and biggest catamaran in town, thank you to the loyalty of our customers.