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About Stone Island:

     Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island), actually a peninsula, is a place to get away from the crowds Mazatlán, located at the southern end of the city.

Stone Island is absolutely beautiful. The beach stretches for 10km and allows visitors to enjoy relaxing treks atop the sand while admiring the huge quantity of palm trees that the Ejido farmers cultivate. At the same time, the soft waves, fine textured sand and beautiful natural landscape create an isolated and relaxed environment. The natives have built gigantic palapas that offer shade, while underneath these palmed roofs guests can savor a variety of fresh seafood. Our palapas have showers and clean bathrooms for your use.

The government of the state of Sinaloa facilitated free land to farmers whom were living on the island, forming what is known as an Ejidos, to encourage the residents to improve their economic situation by cultivating various nutritional products. The most popular are coconuts which are harvested from the palm tree farms. The coconuts are marketed throughout Mexico and exported to foreign markets.

About Us

We are residents of Stone Island. Our family opened a restaurant, Puesta de Sol, on the Island in 1995. In 1999, we operated our fist catamaran tour and offered various beach activities for our guests. In May 2005, we inaugurated the biggest Catamaran in Mazatlan. The catamaran is brand new and fully complies with international standards for safety and security.

The 12 member of our family and 20 employees wish you the best for your stay in Mazatlan. We look forward to seeing you!

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