Services Designed to Deal With Your Health Concerns & Medical Emergencies Away From Home With Peace of Mind.

Why “First Response”?

“The Peace of Mind Providers”
Should a Medical Emergency occur while you are on vacation, you do not want to worry about how to find a qualified English speaking physician or hospital with international standards accepting Health Insurance plans for you or your loved ones. You will find yourself away from home, in another country, in a different cultural sphere, and you will need all your medical concerns and emergencies to be rendered by qualified English speaking professionals.

“The Emergency Professionals”
With our services you will have access to a bilingual experienced emergency medical staff through our ¨Call Center¨ over the phone, and the most professional skilled Emergency Staff “On Alert” to provide full coverage at your home-hotel for minor emergencies, transfer and/or pick-up service for patient transportation if you require some medical or hospital service, and complementary Ambulance Service for major medical emergencies,.
The First Response Staff is always there, with the best ambulances & mobile units and the most complete medical emergency equipment. Also offering Air Evacuation & Ambulance (worldwide critical care equipment) (Just available, not included)
Always waiting to serve you in any way, any time, anywhere.

“The Health Insurance Experts”
Some Insurance Companies have a large list of exclusions and restrictions, and mostly of the time to contact them is not easy, especially if you are visiting a foreign country. But our administrative staff, The Foreign Claims Dept. "THE HEALTH INSURANCE EXPERTS" will help and assist you 24/7 in your own language to deal with them during your Health Care needs in Mexico. they know how, when or where your insurance works.
They will be pleased to assist you any time, or providing you with an appointment during office hours for a personal consultation before you may need some of our emergency services.
First response is your insurance companion, and our services will complement your travel protection; Unexpected medical emergencies are an inconvenience and we work with your health care insurance to make them as trouble-free as possible.
Our goal is to become all about your health concerns in something less than an inconvenience; we wish in Mexico you feel “as safe like home”.

Our Mission:

First Response was created to serve and satisfy the needs of our demanding tourists and Residents of the Mazatlan community for Medical Emergencies & Ambulance Services; Independently Owned and Operated by Health Care Professionals, our unique management team consists of members educated in different areas of expertise, with an Emphasis on Emergency Medicine, and Urban Rescue. Our Headquarters and managerial staff are located at the Heart of the Hotel (Golden) Zone that provides a hands-on approach to daily operations. Our dedication to ensuring prompt professional service combined with a modern facility and communications system, enables us to meet the demands and needs of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

"The Smart Complement For Your Medical Insurance"

Included Benefits of this Service :

  • Coverage from your arrival thru your departure in Mazatlan.
  • Local ¨Call Center¨ For Emergency Services, Medical Advice & Emergency Units Dispatchers around the clock.
  • Phone-Assistance during any Kind of Emergency.
  • Direct Connection with the Police or Fire Station, Citizens Protection System or with the American and Canadian Embassy, or local Consulates if required.
  • All Pre-Hospital Urgent Care Services by Paramedics / Emergency Physician or Medical Advice that could be Managed at Home / Hotel (Prior to Doctor's Office, Emergency Room, or Hospital).
  • No Restrictions for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, Alcohol Related Cases or Age.
  • Land Ambulance Complementary services Transportation until you are delivered at the Emergency Room or Hospital.
  • Air Evacuation can be Arranged If Required. (Not Included)
  • MAJOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY COVERAGE includes Paramedics, All Medical Assistance / Services On-Board, Complementary Ambulance Transportation to the hospital and all medical services until you are delivered to the ER or Hospital.
  • Full Time Phone Assistance during Emergency Cases if you are not in the Mazatlan-Metro-Area. We can assist or arrange Emergency Services. (Not Include)
  • Administration Assistance for Foreign Affairs during the Emergency Room or Hospital Admittance or once during your trip, by appointment and during office hours.
  • Coverage available only in Mazatlan Metro Area



Our Ambulances & Emergency Vehicles are staffed with Paramedics, E M Ts, and Physicians with Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Equipment.

For all of these procedures we need the finest ambulances, and First Response are the ones that accomplish those needs, providing us the best technology and services .

Emergency Care Transport Equipment
  • Emergency Service Ambulance- Critical Care
  • Radio Dispatched
  • Direct hear radio communication with our hospitals Network
  • Cell phone equipped
  • Life Pack 10 cardiac monitor with external pacing capabilities
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • IV pumps
  • Emergency Drug Box
  • Intubation Kit
  • Automated blood pressure cuff
  • Full Monitoring Equipment
  • Trauma-Life-Support Equippment


What To Do If You Need Our Emergency Services..../// ....Important Advice

"The Private 911 Emergency Medical Services in Mazatlan"

$25 US per person


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Our Liability and Disclaimer

"Call Center" service includes (English and Spanish):

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Medical Advice from licensed doctors.
  • Well-Trained Emergency Operators-Dispatchers.
  • Direct Connection with Emergency Contacts for Local or 800 # Calls.
  • Immediate Arrange for Not-Included-Services (if required) Doctor's Office, Emergency Room or any Hospital Service.

The Administration Staff for Foreign Affairs over-the-phone or Personal consults will be arranged just by appointment during office hours.