Mazatlan: The Golden Zone / Zona Dorada

The Zona Dorada is situated along Av. Camaron Sabalo. From the Fiesta Land complex at the southern border (see nightlife),to the Galactic Bowling Alley in the north, this strip contains everything the sun-seeking tourist could want.
The most popular beaches in the city are found here, as well as classier hotels. Less than 50 years ago, this area was a swamp, but it has since been drained and built up specifically for the visitor. Thus, this area is very accommodating to tourists. Everyone speaks English and there are more bars and nightclubs than you could ever want. Check out the other sections for more detailed information regarding how to indulge yourself during your stay.

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Andale México.- About 4 miles north of downtown lies the Sábalo traffic circle in the Zona Dorada (Gold Zone) near the Punta Camarón, a rocky outcropping over the water. The Zona Dorada begins where Avenida del Mar intersects avenida Rafael Buelna and becomes avenida Camarón Sábalo, which leads north through the abundant hotels and fast-food restaurants of the tourist zone. From here, the resort hotels, including the huge El Cid Resort complex, spread northward along and beyond Playa Sábalo. The new Marina Mazatlán development has changed the landscape north of the Zona Dorada considerably, as hotels, condo complexes, and private residences rise around the new marina. North of here is Los Cerritos (Little Hills), the northern limit of Mazatlán. While there's plenty of elbowroom, Mazatlán's sunny beaches clamor with activity. Strolling vendors display their hand-made crafts, parasails float upward, and sunbathers of all ages frolic in the blue Pacific.

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Probill fishing.- The golden zone is the location of most of the tourist hotels, a lot of the finer restaurants and most of the local night life. For our purposes the golden zone is anywhere north of Punta Sábalo, where one of the cities most recognizable city attractions is situated, Fiesta Land. Fiesta Land is PARTY headquarters in Mazatlán, a great place to start or end your search for the local hot spot. Most of the nightlife, hotels and attractions in the golden zone are within walking distance of each other. If walking is not your thing, Mazatlán offers a unique form of transportation, the Pulmonía. These handy, open air cabs, are unique to this area and are seemingly everywhere. They will take you wherever you want to go in the city very reasonably. As a general rule the taxis in Mazatlán are reasonable for a resort area.

    Looking South from the El Cid resort    


    Looking South from the El Cid resort