Mazatlan Maps

In this page there several 4 printable maps of Mazatlan and some links to other maps of Mazatlan in other websites. Mazatlan is a peninsula divided into 3 main sections: Old Town at the south of the peninsula, the lighthouse is located at the very end of it. This area is known as Historical Center . The Golden Zone is in north Mazatlan , this is the touristy area of Mazatlan where most of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs are located. Midtown is in between the Old Town and the Golden Zone, it is a 4 miles waterfront street. There isn't much to see in this area but it is a nice drive since you will always be facing the ocean.

Map of Mazatlan This is a basic map of Mazatlan featuring the most important sights and resorts.

Mazatlan Hotels Map This map focuses more in hotels locations and some remarkable sights.

Mazatlan Golden Zone Map.- It is a very detailed map of the Golden Zone, street by street. Hotel Locations and interesting point to visit.

Mazatlan Downtown Map. This is a very general map of the Mazatlan peninsula.


Mega Mazatlan Map.- This is the biggest and most detailed map we could find on the internet. It is very tourist oriented.

A general Mazatlan Map.


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Mazatlan Map