Frecuently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1: How big is el salto lake and how far away is it from Mazatlan?

2: At what time is the daily pick up, when staying in mazatlan?

3: What kind of boats do you have?

4: Do you have trolling motors?

5: What kind of food do you have?

6: What else can i do besides fishing?

7: What time of the year is the best?

8: What should i bring with me?

9: Who can go?

10: Do the guides speak english?

11: Are the boats equipped with electronics?

12: Do we supply all of the necessary fishing equipment?

13: What is the amount of a typical tip for the guide?

14: At what time do the boats leave in the morning and for how long?

15: Can we stay extra time if the fish are really biting?

16: How many people can go? What if some of them do not fish?

17: Are lunches and beverages included in the charter price?

18: Do the boats carry life preservers?

19: What can we expect to do on an average charter?

20: Do we accept credit cards?

21: Are deposits refundable in case of foul weather?

22: How far in advance do you need us to make reservations?

23: What is the easiest way to contact la papalota bass fishing once we arrive to mazatlan?

24; What is not included in the charter price?

25: Why should i fish with you?

26: What kind of gear is the best for el salto lake?