This tour will be a wonderful experience while you explore the mysterious state of Nayarit. During this tour we will visit Mexcaltitan Island, San Blas, La Tovara and Santiago Ixcuintla.

DAY 01 - In the morning we will depart from beautiful Mazatlan to Santiago Ixcuintla town where you will be able to admire the impressive giant colorful mosaic murals that describe the history of Mexico. We will then visit "Centro Huichol" where Huichol Indian Hand crafts are made and exhibited.

We will continue to The Island of Mexcaltitan which in Nahuatl means "In the house of the moon".

It is also known as the "Cradle of Mexicanism" and the legendary "Aztlan", since it was from here that the Aztec pilgrimage set out in search of what was later to become Mexico-Tenochtitlan. Surrounded by estuaries and canals where there are white mangroves, Tule, a rich fauna of diverse herons and birds. Setting out from the batanga boat launch, where the boats leave for the island, you will enjoy the delicacies of Mexican cuisine along with being able to visit such attractions as the church and museum.

We are then back on our bus until we get to San Blas port. This is where Father Kino and Junipero Serra started their expeditions to "Las Californias". San Blas is an unique place located deep in the jungle of Nayarit State.
We will be ready to spend the night in Hotel Hacienda Flamingos built in 1883, then known as "Casa Delius" a German import house which received the Asiatic merchandise that came in on the ships from the far east and distributed the exotic goods in Mexico.

DAY 02 - We will be ready for an exploration of the area, first we will visit "Cerro de Basilio", where you can find a stone church in ruins as well as the Old Counting house which was the first tax collection office in New Spain.

Then we will have a fantastic boat ride to La Tovara located 7 miles southeast of San Blas and is considered to be the most important mangrove zone in Mexico.

The forms and the ecosystem of natural canals are surrounded and covered by lush vegetation, diverse fauna, and an outstanding species of crocodile. We will have time for swimming in the crystal clear waters of this fantastic zone as well as time for lunch. We will also visit Matanchen Bay and Las Islitas among the this wonderful tropical zone that were once beaches haunted by pirates and buccaneers for many years.

In the afternoon we will be ready to return to Mazatlan.

Frequency: Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m.
Price: $ 200.00 US Dlls per person in double occupancy
Price: $ 240.00 US Dlls per person in single occupancy
Includes: beer soft drinks and bottled water on board the bus, one night in Historical Hacienda Flamingos Hotel, boat rides to Mexcaltitan Island and to La Tovara jungle area and round trip first class transportation to magical Nayarit State.

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