Side Trips
Stone Island Self Tour

I've shared these "how to self tour" directions over the years, and the following instructions have been tested and reported back as being reliable. You can reach the Stone Island launch site by pulmonia, taxi, bus, driving or walking. A pulmonia or taxi will cost $3 U.S. upwards ... negotiable, and depends on where you catch the ride in the tourist zone, the season or how hungry the driver might be.

If you take a taxi or pulmonia, skip steps 1 and 2 below (tell the driver your destination is "Embarcadero de la Isla de la Piedra"). If you walk or drive to the Boat Dock, then follow the bus route direction beginning with Step 1. Driving is not recommended, except if it is necessary, and then you'd go directly to step (5).

1. To reach the Boat Dock and Parking Area from tourist zone.

A. Take Sabalo Centro bus south to the Fisherman's Monument, approximately 2.5 miles.

B. Cross the street after getting off the bus at the Fisherman's Monument and walk (or take pulmonia or taxi) .9 mile east on Avenue Manuel Gutierrez Najera to the Stone Island Dock/Parking Lot. It is 12 blocks to the second stop light (cross street is Calz Gabriel Leyva Solano). You are at a circle traffic pattern type intersection with a Pemex gas station landmark at 2 o'clock and the Pacifico Brewery plant tower landmark at 3 o'clock.

C. Walk towards the Pemex Station and cross the street, (Avenue Emilio Barragan), take a right and walk to the 2nd entrance in the Stone Wall and take a left.

D. You are at the driveway entrance to the dock area, parking lot and should be able to see the ticket booth and canal (water).

2. Boat Dock and Parking Area (Boat Ticket, less than $1 U.S.)

A. You purchase your boat ticket at the ticket booth and save your ticket as it is a round trip ticket. They may ask for your ticket on return and if it is lost you could be asked to pay again.

B. There is a women and a men's toilet cubicle to the left of the ticket booth.

C. There are normally vendors selling snacks (pastries etc.) at the Ticket Booth area.

D. When you're ready, walk down the gang plank to the dock and choose an available seat on the outboard motor boat (normally 16 foot boat).

E. The boat ride takes about 10 minutes.

Stone Island Arrival

There is a covered open sitting area directly in front of the exit from the dock. To the right of the sitting area is a small cafe. To the left is a women and a men's toilet.

A. Easy Way: You may take the Stone Island Special, tractor pulling a wagon with seats, or pulmonia to the beach and cafe area; or

B. Long Way: You may walk to the right following the tire marks on the road (you can't get lost) circling the town and it is 1.5 miles to the beach and cafe area on this route; or

C. Short Way: You walk straight ahead past the covered seating area crossing the vacant lot, cement playground. When you reach the street at the other side of the cement, turn left and stay on this somewhat winding main street (dirt type) through town (people, house, chicken etc. watching) and it is .7 mile to the beach and cafe area.

4. Beach Cafe Area: Relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches, warm shallow water, and palapa cafe cuisine at the recommended Carmelita or Lety's cafes, (there are other beach cafes).

Facing the cafes with your back to the beach you will see a sign "Carmelita". Move until you are to the left of the sign while facing the cafe. This is Carmelita's Cafe, Lety's is the one on your right.