It's no surprise that Mazatlán's dining scene centers around seafood, particularly shrimp. Restaurants tend to be casual, serving bountiful and reasonably priced meals. Fiesta Nights are popular particularly the ones held at the Pueblo Bonito, Playa Mazatlán and El Cid hotels.  Also, do not forget the various tacos and hot dog stands available if you want to catch a quick and inexpensive bite to eat.

For simplicity here is a list Mazatlán's major restaurants classified by category.

International Mexican Seafood Sport Bars/ Restaurants Vegetarian & Others
Cafe Pacifico
Casa Loma
Casa Country
Cow Town
El Sheik
El Parador Español
Ernie's Tomato's
Gringo Lingo
Horn's and Tails
La Cava
La Terraza
Mister A's
Mundo Banana's
Pedro & Lola
Pepe's & Joe
Prime Rib House
Señor Frogs
Señor Pepper
Terraza Playa
Villa Italia
Vittorio Italian Grill
Aleluya's Republic
El Corral
El Mexicano
El Tunel
El Pollo Loco
Guadalajara Grill
Las Palomas
Tacos Luna

Chiquita Banana
Club Sushi
El Marinero
El Mirador
El Patio
El Shrimp Bucket
Hachi Sushi
La Costa Marinera
La Fragata
Los Angulos
Los Arcos
Puerto Azul
The Shrimp Factory
Tres Islas

Jungle Juice
No Name Cafe
Tequila´s Sport Bar

Corazón del Mundo
Dairy Queen
Pura Vida
La Casa de Ana
Burger King

Dinning around the Machado

(In no particular order):
Pedro & Lola (Rather up scale, fine dinning, great music in the evenings)
El Tunnel A pastry and espresso place next to. (In front of the entrance to the Angela Peralta theater)
Machado Fish Taco Company (The name says it all)
Thorny's Surf Burgers (The name says burgers but he has great specials).
Ambrosia Vegetarian Restaurant (1/2 block west of the plaza)
Bandidos (1/2 block north of the plaza).
Cafe Pacifico. One whose name I cannot remember (Help folks!) with a great acoustic guitarist in the evenings.
Altizor Cafe (Bohemian style, arts craftsy place). A new one is about to open on the south side of the plaza in the next month or two.

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          All of the restaurants mentioned here serve purified water, purified ice, and their salads are safe to eat.  If you get sick after 3 Margaritas, blame the tequila and not the ice. Also, be aware the Mexican tradition is never to bring the bill unless it is asked for. Finally, almost all restaurants will take VISA or Mastercard, so don't leave home without it