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A short walk from Plaza Machado will bring you to Bahia...a converted peach and white mansion with beautiful old wooden doors serving sensational seafood on the inside flower bedecked patio and in adjacent rooms. Not a plastic chair in sight. I enjoyed my meal at Bahia so much in December that I returned two days later to repeat the experience. The excellent restaurant at the Inn at Mazatlan offers inside as well as ocean terrace seating. Great service! A don´t miss!! Pedro and Lola´s at Plaza Machado is terrific. They have a special spicy...not hot...pork dish named after Pedro´s family...Sorry, can´t remember his last name...that is to die for. The waiter will point it out to you, I´m sure. Have fun!

Cliff & Alice
W ant to mention a great little place at the entrance to the Golden Zone for those folks that mentioned wanting to try some Mazatlecan cuisine. It is one of our favorites, not only because the food is superb, the prices reasonable, and the atmosphere delightful under a palapa, but the bartender Walter is a good friend. He speaks English well and in fact is the son of the head waiter at Mr. Ace. Many on this board know Segundo and his family, so go on over in the evenings and check out MI RUCCO and say hi to Walter. It is next door to the new California Trailer Park and across from the Hotel
San Diego, near La Posta Trailer Park on Rafael Buelna. Just a hop down from Valentinos. They have a keyboard player in the evenings and it is entirely pleasant for non/golden zone prices on the doorstep of the golden zone. All busses will get you there. Buen provecho!