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Simply the BEST Guide & Directory to Mazatlán written by the people who live here and know about the city.

One of the first orders of business for most tourists when arriving in a strange city is the search for a guidebook and a map. Before they leave home, seasoned travelers hit the net or bookstores looking for information on their proposed destination, but it´s when they arrive that a comprehensive guide-in-the-hand becomes the tourists´ best friend.

Until recently, finding a guide to Mazatlán in English was an arduous task. The folks at the Pacific Pearl recognized this and set about to remedy the situation. In 2003 they published the first edition of their Official Guide & Directory to Mazatlán, Mexico, and now they have published their up-to-date and improved 2004 edition.

Unlike most guidebooks which are written by stringers who fly in and out of a destination, the Pearl´s Official Guide & Directory is a product of writers who live in Mazatlán and know the city inside and out. They take you on a walking tour of Old Mazatlán, along the Malecón and into the Golden Zone, relating the history of buildings and monuments. After years of living here, they share their knowledge of the best restaurants and what to order, popular and hidden tourist attractions, beaches, shopping tips and cultural do´s and don't´s. Unique to guidebooks, they also tell you where to go in an emergency and where to use caution


An innovative addition to the Pearl´s guidebook is the Directory. Even English speaking natives of Mazatlán scratch their heads when trying to negotiate the Spanish language telephone book, so what chance would a tourist have who was looking for, say, a travel agent? Would they know to look under Agencias de Viajes? Would anyone speak English there? The Pearl spent months putting together an English speaking phone directory, calling the shops, professional offices, hotels and restaurants. They checked the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and just as importantly, whether English was spoken at the location. The result is a current English language directory which lets the visitor know whether they need to bring a translator, or someone will serve them in English.

Another novel inclusion in the guide are annotated bus routes. Surveys conducted by the Pearl showed that local buses and pulmonias are the preferred forms of transportation for visitors and locals alike, but nowhere are bus routes posted. In November, 2003, the Pearl sent out two intrepid local residents to ride the six most popular bus routes in Mazatlán with maps in hand. Their research culminated in colored, easy to follow pullout maps outlining how to navigate the city by bus. These, together with a second pullout keyed map of the Zona Dorada and Old Mazatlán, make it easy for the tourist to explore and enjoy the city.

The Pacific Pearl Magazine´s Official Guide & Directory to Mazatlán, Mexico, 2004 Edition, is a comprehensive and reliable guide full of interesting and important information for any tourist visiting Mazatlán. At a price $10, it is a must for exploring and getting to know the city known as "The Pearl of the Pacific."

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