Hotels in Mazatlan México

Below is a listing by area of hotels in Mazatlan with links to their respective sites. The large resorts and the majority of  hotels are located in the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone). Less expensive hotels are to be found along Av. Del Mar and in Olas Altas, located in the southern area of the city.

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Azteca Inn
Suites Apartamentos Los Girasoles
Costa De Oro Beach Hotel
Casita Bella Bed and Breakfast
Condominios La Marina
El Cid Mega Resort     
Hotel Playa
Hotel Plaza Gaviotas
Hotel Puesta De Sol
Hotel Playa Bonita
Ibis Apartamentos
Inn at Mazatlan
Las Flores Hotel Suites

Los Sabalos Resort Hotel
Luna palace   
Océano Palace  
Riviera Beach Resort
Royal Villas Resort

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Aquamarina Hotel
Hotel DeCima
Hotel Sands Arenas
Olas Altas Inn
Hotel Plaza Marina
Hotel Hacienda
Hotel Los Tabachines

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Hoteles Emperador y Sta. Maria

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Garden of Eden Bed and Breakfast
Hotel Belmar    
Hotel La Siesta