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1 How do I get more Information about your site and services?

Feel free to e-mail us at info@transfersmexico.com if there is anything you'd like to know that isn't on this web site. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

2 We do not really know what type of wedding we want and are both so busy that it is difficult to find time to discuss it. Can you help?

Of course, just go to our "CONTACT US" page. Just fill out the form and write in the box anything you have in mind for your wedding. As soon as we receive your message we'll start to work on that and will contact you as soon as possible.

3 When do we meet our wedding coordinator?

Before you arrive at your destination we will arrange the time and date of the first meeting with your personal wedding coordinator. You will also be given telephone numbers to contact us in between your meetings should any questions arise.

4 Do you know the proper etiquette?

We are well versed in proper traditional wedding day etiquette. We work with you to decide how traditional or casual you wish to be with etiquette at your wedding and reception.

5 Is my marriage legal in other countries?

Yes! You will receive a certified marriage certificate with the official seal of the Mexico Registrar General to show to your government offices.

6 Can I get married in mexico if I have been divorced?

Yes, you must provide copies of your divorce decree when turning in your Notice of Intended Marriage.

7 Can I get married in a church?

Yes, although if you have been divorced most churches will not marry you without prior counseling by the church officials.

8 Where can I get married?

Cancun has a full compliment of scenic locations from which to choose. You may select a garden wedding, ocean front sight, scenic dock, under a moongate, motor yacht, sailboat, registrar's office, your hotel, etc. If you have any ideas just let us know.

9 What if it rains on my wedding day?

We strongly recommend a tent for your ceremony. We often get "liquid sunshine" in Cancun and a tent also helps with shading from the hot sun. If you choose to have a tent, it will be delivered, erected and dismantled by the rental company

10 Do I need a witness for my wedding?

Yes, Mexico law requires that you have two witnesses to your marriage vows. If you do not have witnesses, we can provide them for you.

11 Can I have music at my wedding?

Yes, there is a large range of musicians available. You may choose from a full band, a quartet, or a single instrument. Just let us know your preference. We can also provide a portable CD player with your favorite wedding songs, i.e. Trumpet Voluntary, Ave Maria, etc.

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