This section is designed to help answer any questions you may have about attending ITESM in Mazatlan. If there is anythere here we haven’t covered, please let us know. Most of the information about Mazatlan in general can be found in the other areas on this site.

Before you get here: All incoming students to Mazatlan require a FM-3 Student Visa. No matter what your local consulate or embassy tells you, you need this! From experience, it seems that these are easy to get in Canada, harder to get in the USA, and extremely hard to get in Europe. The cause is usually just stubborn consulate staff. Persistence is key to getting through.

Where to Stay: Students staying in Mazatlan have 3 options:

  1. Living with a host family: There have been very few complaints from students about their families. Many are lax with rules and let the student go wherever, whenever. This is a good way to ensure that you learn a lot of Spanish and stay well fed.
  2. Living in Residence: Another good option. Removes the stress of finding your own place and gives you opportunity to practice your Spanish.
  3. Finding Your Own Apartment: Gives you the most freedom, and is not very hard. A 2-bedroom apartment on the beach in the Zona Dorada can be found for around $500 USD a month, and apartments downtown and even a few blocks back from the water can be around $200-$300USD a month. Upon arrival, check with other Tec students for roommates as well as the Noroeste classifieds. The two most common apartments among Tec international students are Plaza Bonita and Condominios la Marina along Ave. Camaron Sabalo. Both are found right across the street from each other, Plaza Bonita is along the beach.

Getting To Tec: Most students have 3 options:

  1. The City Bus: Most students living near or along Ave. Camaron Sabalo take the San Joaquin bus to school. The last bus stop is a 8 minute walk away. Once you get off the bus, walk east along the dirt road, then walk north once you reach a paved road and you'll be able to see Tec. It usually takes around 40 to 50 minutes to get you to school so plan accordingly.
  2. TecExpress: Tec de Monterrey offers their own bus service for students for about $2600 pesos a semester. They generally run from 7:00 till 12:00 every hour, then from 2:00pm till 6:00pm every hour. The bill can be cut in half if you only need a ride to school vice-versa.
  3. Other Tec Students: Lots of Tec students get a ride home from other Tec students. We recommend you get to know and make friends with them at the beginning of the semester.


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