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All the information available we have about Mazatlan is online. We dont mail brochures, flyers or maps. This service is for questions concerning our tours, services, products or content of this webpage.

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Vista Tours opened doors in 1995 in Mazatlan where our head office is located, since then we have try hard to give the best service to everyone who decide vacationing in our destinations or who consider us, as the best option to represent their companies in Mexico.

Mailing Address:

Charters Mexico, Vista Tours
Camaron Sabalo No. 51 L. 2 y 3 Lomas de Mazatlan
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. C.P. 82110
Phone 985-6139

Telephone: 985 - 3733
Fax: 985 - 1166

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Faxing from USA & CANADA
01 -669- 985 - 6139
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Call Toll Free USA & CANADA
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Any place from México:
Any place from México:
01 (669) 985 - 6139
01 (669) 985 - 6139