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By Jackie Peterson
A group of local people who band together as the Mazatlan Historical Society have been thinking up ways to recall the city’s past, and they reason that there’s no better place to do it than the Plazuela Machado. This quaint little square was at one time the center of town, and it still plays an important role as Old Mazatlan’s favorite gathering place. The history buffs decided to organize an antiques fair where people who have keepsakes in storage can take them out and offer them for sale to collectors, along with selected objets d’art. They also contacted some local painters who agreed to bring out some of their works for show and sale. At the same time the group planned to call attention to distinguished personages who have lived and worked in Mazatlan throughout its 175-year existence. The society members have made a list of 35 persons who deserve civic recognition.
Over time they will be placing plaques on the local buildings connected with these famous figures. The first fair, called “Viva la Machado,” was held the weekend of Jan. 27-28, and included the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to Amado Nervo (1870-1919), an illustrious poet who was, according to one source, “the Walt Whitman of Mexico.” Nervo, born in Tepic, Nayarit, began his writing career as a society reporter on a Mazatlan newspaper where he worked from 1892 to 1894. It was during his time here that he began to gain fame as a poet, a celebrity which eventually carried him off to Mexico City and wide international success. The historical society said that if the January event received enough public support, it would be repeated on a weekend around the end of each month during the winter season -- excluding, of course, Carnaval weekend in Feb.


Old Mazatlán, Newer Isn't Always Better

by David Simmonds


A few blocks from the Plaza Principal, on the way to Olas Altas is the Plazuela Machado.

This is the jewel and focus of the restoration that is being spearheaded by the Old Mazatlán Association. Named for a Filipino immigrant, Juan Machado, the plaza is the antithesis of the tourist areas that rock and roll day and night. Most people are astonished to find such a refined and genteel oasis in this town of fun and sun. At one time the plaza was the commercial center of the city, but now is being resurrected as the cultural and entertainment center. Its outdoor cafes and old stately buildings are attracting the intellectual and artistic community of Mazatlán, as well as travelers looking for a break from the fast lane. And now is a good time to see it, before the word gets out and it gets overrun with fellow gringos, all looking for the authentic Mexican scene. Let’s hope the Hard Rock doesn't pay a visit in search for future sites.

Just off the corner of the Plaza Machado is the Teatro Angela Peralta, built in 1865 as the Teatro Rubio. It is now fully restored after five years of work. Angela Peralta was a much admired opera star from the 19th century who, after giving her only Mazatlán performance, died of yellow fever in the hotel Iturbides, next door to the theater. Her remains now lie in the Rotunda de Hombres Ilustres in Mexico City. Entertainment of all varieties is now performed in this beautiful building, and you can also tour it during the day from 9 am to 6 pm for a mere three pesos.

Enchanting Mazatlan: This lively port city sparkles with historical charm. (The Best of Mexico).(Brief Article)
Travel Agent, Feb 18, 2002

* Plaza Machado is Mazatlan's historic center and the site of its annual Carnival celebration. Exquisitely restored 19th-century buildings line the plaza, including the Teatro Angela Peralta, the oldest theater in Mazatlan, built in 1860. This neo-classical masterpiece was declared a historic monument in 1990. Other restored buildings along Plaza Machado have been converted into cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating.

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Name: Old Mazatalan--The Plazuela Machado

Olas Altas beach is a good start. Have a beer at the Copa de Leche (or better yet, ceviche at the Viejo Viento at the south end of the beach), then head straight inland through a section of two-hundred year old buildings, many falling to ruins. Four blocks in is the Plazuela Machado, a little square that has been the center for Carnaval, including crowning of the Queen for a hundred years. Sometimes people who enter the Plazuela suddenly have the sensation that they've suddenly warped to Europe--the sidewalk cafes, the cobbled streets, the intimate plaza with its old balconied buildings.
There are always events, usually musical, and usually a little odd for foreigners, in the Plazauela, but there is ALWAYS music in the evenings. The tree-lined sidewalk has a half-dozen sidewalk cafes. Be sure to check out Cafe Pacifico on the corner--it reeks rough history and looks like Pancho Villa will step out of the head at any minutes and dry his hand on the bear skin wall hanging. Don't let the rustic looks fool you, they have nice live jazz on weekends. The other corner has Pablo & Lola's, where there is jazz sax every night, followed by a variety of great local musicians. The art and dance students from the state music colleges around the plaza hang at Cafe Altazor, which also has bohemian music when they get it together. At the end of the Plaza is the theater, which also hosts music at times.
Continue inland after a stop at the cafes, and you come to the central plaza by the cathedral, two blocks west and you're at the big central Market, where the buses all stop.


Mazatlan: Plaza Machado: "Historic Plaza"
Date: November 20, 2003
Reviewer: A TripAdvisor User, Portland, Oregon

I just returned from Mazatlan and fell in love with the Plaza Machado. What a find. The resturants are great and the buzz is electric. Spent every night at the Jazz bar which has a great atmosphre and live music, Not you usual bar. Also great for coctails. A must visit. Just a few blocks off the plaza the Royal spa where my wife and I both had a one hour masage for only $15 each. Another must do. If you are staying on the gold zone a cab, one of the white VW things without doors costs $5 or 500 peso,s to get there. Another place I would recomend is a visit to the top of the Freeman Hotel just a few blocks away by the beach.It has a pool which is geat for kids as well as adults and has a 360 Deg view of the historic City as well as the best place to watch the sun set. I was hesitant about giving this information as not to many people go there and most the time we had it all to ourselves.

Mazatlan: Plaza Machado: "Beautiful Plaza Machado"
Date: February 6, 2003
Reviewer:, San Diego, CA

I just returned from a trip to Mazatlan and had a great time. One of the more interesting parts of the resort is the historical center in which Plaza Machado is a big part. Set between Teatro Angela Peralta and the Casa de los Portales, the square was beautiful and full of life. The resaurants surrounding it server great food from great taco
s at El Tunel to dinner and conversation at Pedro y Lola. I think this is a can't miss especially for breakfast or dinner.

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