I recently visited Mazatlan and wanted to book some tours. I was a little concerned about booking online, however, all my questions were answered via e-mail quickly and efficiently by the professional staff. When one of the tours was cancelled, I was issued a refund immediately, without problems or hassle. I recommend booking thru Mazatlan Travel as their service is excellent, and will save you time when you arrive at your destination, as your plans can be made in advance.


Bonnie Gazzano

As school teachers, my wife and I like to research things pretty thoroughly before making big decisions. We took a little bit of a chance in electing to use Moises Romero's agency in Mazatlan MZT Online Services, but we were delighted with every aspect of his service--not only did he deliver what we expected, he went "above and beyond" our expectations. We recommend him without reservation and with enthusiasm to American and other travelers who want to be sure they're getting the right information, the right price, and the best service.

By the way, we used a vehicle called PayPal to advance payment to him, and it worked very smoothly. Moises is not only honest; he is scrupulous in assuring that everything is as you want it. A rare find in today's fast-paced, impersonal world. Moises gave us that "personal touch" that made all the difference in our visit to Mazatlan. We won't hesitate to do business with him again. (If you'd like any further information, feel free to email us at

Dan and Mary Halcomb

Reno, Nevada



Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I was not accessing my e-mails from vacation, and due to the snow storm in the northeast, I was stuck in Houston, Texas for 2 days. I arrived home last night to 30 inches of snow, and shoveled for 4 hours straight, just to get my car out of the driveway and give people a path to walk in front of my house. I came to work today and already deleted over 300 e-mails, but did not review everything yet. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will be somewhat caught up.

Mazatlan was very nice and we had a great time and will probably come back another time. The Sea Garden/Vidafel is a resort that we thought was beautiful, clean, run professionally and had great service. We loved the magnificent pool, lots of beach front and spaciousness of the rsort. They did not have enough umbrellas on the beach or the pool for us very fair skinned people who burn easily, and I wrote that in the comments/feedback card. We did not mind (in fact, preferred) not being in the hotel zone which we thought was too busy and commercialized. Some people like that, but to us who both work long days, the quiet and peacful environment where we were was better. We took the buses a few times to the golden zone to see it and buy souvenirs (15 minute ride) and went to quaint Old Mazatlan (Plaza Machado) at night - even visited Gigante for some food shopping. We did not really eat much outside the hotel (which had a couple of restaurants) or our timeshare unit (which had
it's own kitchen). We were trying to keep our expenses down and spend on things that were important to us.

We went on a sail boat (9:30-2:30) called BULA ( from the new Marina) which we enjoyed so much that we did it twice - Tuesday and Thursday. It is also very peacful - not a roudy crowd. My wife enjoys going on the sailboat and veg'ing (a US expression) or spacing out, her legs over the side with a walkman and headphones staring out on the water. It calms her from the normal business life. Isn't that what vacations are suppossed to be, calming & relaxing??? The boat can take 20 people, but we had 8 the first day and 12 the second day. The boat was great and had a very nice father and son crew (they are not the owners).

The cell phone was very useful and I appreciate your delivering it to the hotel and picking it up after my departure. The reason we had time left on it was that we were using the phone cards you bought for us as well as buying many more to use and avoided using the minutes on the cell phone (at a higher rate). We were worried that we would go over the minutes having to buy $100 pesos in cell minutes at a shot and also had to get someone who speaks Spanish to call for us and tell us how many minutes were left. We did that 3 times.

The people in Mazatlan were all very nice - even teenagers who we asked directions from. The biggest headache that we got in Mazatlan were the numerous Timeshare pushers, from the time you get off the plane throughout the time you are there, who don't leave you alone, and the many beach vendors. Both of these things you just have to shrug off and deal with. The Sea Garden timeshare presentation on their beautiful Mayan Resorts (promised to be 90 minutes) takes over 3 hours (I spoke to others who experienced the same). They are also really pushy, rude and just not nice. If you don't stay through the whole presentation, they do not sign off on the gifts committed to you to come listen to them. If you are not buying, it gets upsetting and nasty/rude.

Once again, as I said in the past, I appreciate all the info that you supplied me with, as well as working out the cell phone and initial phone cards for me. We always try to have a cell phone with us on vacation so that we are reachable by the children and our respective offices. You arranging it made it easier - as oppossed to spending a few hours once we are there to find one and work out acquiring it.

Best Regards,
Arnie Norman
New Jersey



I just wanted to let you know that I have now used your Red2000 service 3
different times in the last year while vacationing in Mazatlan. Each time I
have arrived in Mazatlan, I have been up and running in a matter of minutes.
Your online bill paying system as well as the connection to your service is
very simple to use and seems to be very safe. I plan on using your service
many more times in the future.

Thank You,

Lowell Gordon

Lowell Gordon
The Creative Office
721 Legion Way S.E.
Olympia, WA 98501