Mazatlan and Culture
More than just a beach resort

Mazatlan History.- In pre-Hispanic times Mazatlán (which means 'place of deer' in Náhuatl) was populated by Totorames, who lived by hunting, gathering, fishing and agriculture.
Mazatlan Carnival.- For over more than 100 years this tradition continues in the spirit of the porteños (locals). Is considered among the 3 biggest in Mexico.
Behavoir & Manners Mexican behavior is much more conservative and reserved than most American's. To be effective in enjoying and getting the most from your trip show consideration to your Mexican fellows.
Traditions Mexican traditions are colorful and beautifull, rich in culture and history but also can be very controversial like bullfights.
Mazatlan Museums Archaeological Museum and Mazatlan art Museum
Ulama: is a ball game played in Latin America , a variety of the Mesoamerican ballgame descended from an Aztec game ritual. The game is one of the oldest sports in the world that is still played
Mazatlan Architecture
Angela Peralta Theather. In August of 1869 a Durango businessman named Manuel Rubio applied to the municipal government of Mazatlan for permission to build a theater.
The missionaries The remains of the foundations of the world of Jesuit missionaries are scattered along the banks of the Sinaloa River, in the northwest of Mexico