Cristiann Davis - Photographer

Cristiann Davis.

Born and raised in Mazatlan more than 20 years ago. Christiann represent the spirit of the new generation of the Historical Center of Mazatlan, where freestyle is more important than following the stablishment without being a rebel of the system, more compromised with his perception of life than with the reality that surrounds him.

In these pictures Cristiann, in his early stage as a photographer, reveals a little of his beloved Mazatlan through not so conventional images. All pictures where taken in and around the historical center.

Mi Barrio by Xtian Davis - Mazatlan

Title: Mi Barrio (My Neighborhood).

This is a picture of a random street in Mazatlan historical center at night. Ghosts of past centuries are the inhabitants of several old houses.

Title: Azur

The ocean, the sky and the blue is the escence of Mazatlan. "My life is the ocean" Xtian Davis


Azur by Xtian Davis - Mazatlan

Title: Ancas de Rana (Frog legs)

This picture captes the atmosphere of the Machado Square where all expresions and lifestyles are welcome.

Title: El Baño (The bathroom)

This is the door of a men bathroom (Hombres). Improvise and creativity are unique in Mazatlan Historical Center

Title: Heaven's Gate

Mazatlan sometimes gets so close to paradise and heaven

Title: Aborregado (fleecy)

Sunsets are always unique as lifes.