Mazatlan Mexico

Dear Mr(s) ____________________

In this package you´ll find the cell phone and its charger. It has ___________ Pesos in airtime but you paid for $___________ pesos, if you use more than what you have paid it will be deducted from your deposit. If you go beyond the deposit you pay them once you are back home. No refund for unused airtime. Please do now lock the phone or put a security code.

To check your airtime balance (in pesos) dial *333 then 1.
To add more airtime you need to purchase a Telcel card or for call us for a number code. You dial *333 then 2 and the number, at the end it will tell you the balance. All this messages are going to be in english.

The phone number is ___________________ .To call to the US dial 001+ Area code + Phone number.
To be called from the US, they have to dial 011-52-669-________________
To call a local number just dial it directly.
To be called locally it is 044-669-_________________ from a fixed phone or 669-______________ from another cell phone.
To call to a local cell phone is -669-Phone number.

Keep in mind that is WAY cheaper to be called from the US than to call from here to the US. You can save money telling your people to call you back (it cost $0.58 cents per minute against more than a dollar to call).
You dont get charged for incoming local calls even if you dont have any balance left.
You can receive local text messages or send them to the USA

When leaving Mazatlan please leave the phone in the same bag where you received it at the front desk or wherever you arranged with our representative.

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